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Forex bonuses, promotions and contests are exciting parts of Forex industry, no matter you are a beginner or an experienced trader, promotions and trading contests are great opportunities for you to take advantage from, as they are meant to, and for you.

But you should listen or you probably know this already, there are so many small, cheap, unregulated and untrustworthy Forex brokers out there that take advantage of such promotional activities to attract investors while they have the least intention to let you benefit from a bonus or win at a trading contest. There are tons of complains on various online Forex communities toward such brokers and their promotions. Well, it’s the money that is all involved in this industry, no surprise it’s sort of a dog eat dog situation for many of them.

The very common sense, the best practice, simply is that you should not waste your time or hard earned money with unreliable brokers and their promotions, for there are well-regulated and fine brokers with best promotions and great trading contests that you can feel confident with and go easy on them with your money. Brokers are growing like a weed by now, the industry is already becoming saturated by them. Stay safe with well-trusted brokers.

Here at, our aim is to list the latest favorable and reliable bonuses and trading contests held by only approved, reputable and trusted Forex brokers with a solid history. It is not even all about regulation, there are regulated Fx brokers that are yet problematic due to too many complains toward them and poor quality of service, and we do not go toward them as well. There is no guarantee in life as we all know, so here we strive for perfection, hence we do our best to go with the most excellent!

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