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Forex Bonus - Best Forex Bonus 2024! is your #1 portal for the latest best Forex bonuses (deposit & no deposit bonuses), trading contests (demo and live contests) and all special promotions by leading Forex brokers! We are updated daily with the newest and most favorable Bonuses and Contests in the Forex industry. Get started now with a Forex bonus and enhance your trading strategy for the better!
Forex No Deposit Bonus
FREE Forex Bonus - It's all about "No Deposit Bonuses" the most popular FREE Forex bonuses offered by some Forex brokers for beginners and newcomers. Trade Forex for real in a pre-deposited live trading account without risking your own money! If you are good enough at trading, you'll have a chance to make profits with these free bonuses and subsequently withdraw them! Such free bonuses range from $5 to $100 at times.
Forex Deposit Bonus
Deposit Bonus for Traders - Every now and then, Forex Brokers offer bonuses for traders ready to deposit money into their trading accounts. The most widespread type of such promotions is 'Forex Deposit Bonus' aka 'Forex Welcome Bonus' - to increase your account capital, trading volume, and enhance your trading performance! Other promotions in this category are Forex Cashback bonuses presenting better trading conditions and no fees for transferring funds, etc.

$3500 Cash Prizes (Trading Credit) shared between 3 top traders - Monthly

$1000 shared between the top 10 traders with the highest trading volume - Weekly

$1000 Prize between 5 Winners - Every 2 Months

$4000 between 8 winners - from January 1st until January 31st, 2024
Forex Demo Contests
Forex Demo Contests - The most popular Forex trading competitions because no deposits are required, and prizes are usually paid in cash! With most Demo contests, top winners are determined by the highest balance. To be on top in the competition, you need to be an experienced trader, know the market well, and stick to your trading strategy! Of course, participation in demo contests requires some luck as well! Take part now and win real money!

Tier 1: $40000, Tier 2: $20000, & Tier 3: $5000 - Check out the official website for the exact date and availability

$9000 between 3 top traders - from September 13 to October 11, 2019 (1 month)

$1620 & 10000 ALP between 40 winners - Throughout the year

$1000 for the first place - Monthly
Forex Live Contests
Forex Live Contests - Intended for the most experienced, disciplined and confident traders, and come with big cash prizes! Competing in a Live account is quite different from Demo because real money is involved and the intensity of decision making and trading the market is pretty much high. The competitiveness of the market and the loss of real money will take the psychological aspect of trading to a whole new level. Do you think that you have what it takes?

What is a Forex Bonus? Learn about all Forex Bonuses!

As global trading business becomes more and more appealing, more people choose to trade in the Forex market as their source of income. This also creates a competitive atmosphere for Forex brokers that want to gain more clients, which is why they offer many attractive Forex bonuses.

There are some Forex brokers who propose bonuses truly beneficial to your trades; however, some of these bonuses come with complicated terms and conditions. Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly understand the forex bonus and the way it works before choosing your broker and accepting their forex bonus. At BestFXBonus, we provide you with up to date information about the best Forex bonuses as well as the list of available bonuses for new and experienced traders.

Forex bonus is an offer or promotion available for both new and existing customers on a Forex broker
s website. Forex brokers present these bonuses to new customers in order to increase their trading volumes with the hope of attracting more customers and keeping higher client retention.

There are different types of Forex bonuses for new and experienced traders, each with its own benefits and conditions. That
s why you should find the best Forex bonuses that fit your trading needs.

There are various types of Forex Bonuses. Each of them works differently and provides different benefits depending on your needs:
Forex bonuses
1. Forex No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus may be considered the best Forex bonus for most traders, especially newcomers since it requires no deposit. Traders can claim this bonus to start trading right after registering an account. In this way, they can engage in trading activities without any risks. Free Forex bonuses offered by brokers range from $5 - $100, you can find them all in Forex No Deposit Bonus section of the website.

2. Forex Welcome Bonus

A forex welcome bonus is a one-time promotion offered to traders after registering a real Forex account. This type of bonus is limited to new customers only, and the existing customers cannot apply for it. Forex Welcome Bonus can be received either as a Deposit Bonus or a No Deposit bonus. If you are new to the Forex market, you should consider this type of bonus.

3. Forex Deposit Bonus

Forex Deposit Bonus is a bonus that can be acquired after traders make a certain amount of deposit into their Forex accounts. This type of bonus is usually available for all customers as long as they are registered on the website and make a deposit. Forex Deposit Bonus is usually calculated in percentage. For instance, if the offer is a 20% deposit bonus and you make a $1000 deposit in your account, you will automatically get a $200 bonus. So, now you have $1200 in your account for your trading activities.

4. Forex Regular Customer Bonus

As the name suggests, Forex Regular Customer Bonus provides benefits and rewards for loyal clients of the Forex brokers. This type of bonus can only be claimed when traders have stayed with the broker for a certain amount of time. Their experience and loyalty are the main reasons why this type of bonus is offered.

5. Forex Reload Bonus

Forex Reload Bonus is a custom bonus given to existing customers only. Brokers generally provide a certain amount of reward when traders do the next reload (Deposit). For example, the broker offers a 75% bonus if you make a new deposit in the next 3 days. This type of bonus is one of the best deals that you can use, especially if you are an active trader who deposits and trades frequently.

6. Forex Cashback Bonus

Forex Cashback Bonus is a reward in the form of cashback offered to traders for every trade execution. This cashback will be automatically transferred into the trading account when the trades are conducted successfully. For example, if the broker provides $2 cashback per trade and you open a one lot trade, you will have a $2 cashback bonus transferred into your account.

7. Forex Loyalty Bonus

Forex Loyalty Bonus is a bonus received in the form of loyalty points. Many distinguished Forex brokers provide loyalty points (under different terms, conditions, or names) which can later be exchanged for other types of rewards. Loyalty points can be used to redeem bonuses offered by the broker in the forms of cash, credit, better trading conditions, and so on.

8. Forex VIP Bonus

Forex VIP Bonus is different from other types of bonuses in that it requires opening a specific VIP account in order to claim it. This is why VIP bonuses are special and usually come with more beneficial rewards (Better trading conditions, bonuses with favorable terms, priority in support service or even deposits and withdrawals). If traders want to use this bonus, they should consider opening a VIP account at the time of Forex account registration.

How to Find the Best Forex Bonuses?

It is easy to find Forex bonuses but finding the best bonus to suit your trading requirements can be a bit tricky.

Before deciding which bonus to take, you need to pay attention to the provider of the bonus as well as the terms and conditions of their offer. At, Forex bonuses are listed and rated based on the reliability of the brokers, the benefits of the offered bonuses, and of course, the flexibility of their terms and conditions. All of these factors are important to take into account if you want to choose the best bonuses for trading.

Things You Need to Consider:

There are three things you need to pay attention to while choosing Forex bonuses offered by Forex brokers:

1. Use the service of trustworthy brokers

You should only choose experienced and trustworthy Forex brokers. This will give you peace of mind and prevent you from any scam. By choosing distinguished and well-known brokers, you will usually get more beneficial deals and bonuses.

2. Read the conditions carefully

Before depositing money and receiving any bonus, take your time to read and understand the terms and conditions of the Forex brokers. For example, most brokers require you to complete a certain amount of trade before you can withdraw the profits earned via the bonus. So, never rush into it and try to calculate everything.

3. Choose your bonus well

Forex brokers often update and change their bonus policy. You should choose your bonus according to your trading needs. It is advisable for new customers to consider free no deposit bonuses before going for more serious trading bonuses such as deposit bonuses. On the other hand, Regular Customer, VIP, Reload and Loyalty bonuses are suitable for seasoned traders who know their way around Forex trading. Other types of bonuses can be used by both new and experienced traders.

Forex bonuses vary, and so do the conditions. That is why you need to keep yourself informed about the best Forex bonuses offered by many distinguished Forex brokers.