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Latest Forex Demo contests & Competitions in 2018

- Compete with other demo traders, do all you can, get on top and win big prizes!

Featured Demo contest: FBS Pro Demo Contest

FBS runs Demo contests on a regular basis, each contest round lasts for 2 weeks and top 5 traders with highest profit will win REAL CASH PRIZES!

Participants will compete with each others in Demo accounts with 10,000 initial balance and a leverage set at 1:100. Registration for contest is open only until the beginning of contest, so hurry up!

FBS Prizes for demo contest are absolutely in cash and withdrawable with no restriction whatsoever.

FBS Pro Winners prizes are as follow:

To participate in contest, you should first register for your Personal cabinet on FBS official website and open a special Demo contest within the cabinet.

Detailed info about the contest

1st place

450 USD

2nd place

250 USD

3rd place

150 USD

4th place

100 USD

5th place

50 USD




Regulated by: CySEC, IFSC

Participate now!


:: All Demo contests 2018 ::

Featured Demo contest: World Forex Championship

Hurry up to join XM 1 Million Dollar Forex Demo Contest!

The contest will comprise of 12 rounds, of which 10 are qualifying rounds with 50,000 CASH Prize (Withdrawalble) for each round, shared among 90 winners!

Top 5 traders of each qualifying rounds (total 50 top traders) will go to Semi-final round and among them only top 10 winners will reach final round to fight for $500,000 Cash Prize! Prizes are as follow:

Detailed info about the contest




Regulated by: CySEC, FCA, ASIC

Participate now!


Prize for each round in first 10 qualifying round

90 winners for each round

1st place $11,500

2nd place $7,250

3rd place $5,500

& more up to 90th

Prize for Semi-final round

10 winners

Travel to Thailand to take part in Final round (all expenses covered by XM!)

Prize for Final Round

1st place $11,500

2nd place $7,250

3rd place $5,500

& more up to 10th

Broker Demo Contest

Contest Conditions




Editorial rating


EXNESS Demo trading contest (OnlyTheBest)

Exness is hosting a great demo contest for all of its clients. The contest consists of four consecutive rounds namely “Only the Best Goalkeeper,” “Only the Best Defender,” “Only the best Midfielder,” and “Only the Best Forward.” The first round is from October 9 to October 13, 2017 (5 days) in which contestants will compete for $6000 and ultimately three top traders will be announced winners. The second round is held from October 23 to 27 with the total prize pool of $16000 shared among four lucky winners. The third round of competition takes place during November 6- 10 and three traders with the highest scores will share a $12000 prize. The fourth and final round will be hosted from November 20 to 24 in which three contenders will stand out to share a $14000 cash reward. Bring your A game and win the prize you deserve!

First Round: 3 winners, $6000  

Second Round: 4 winners, $16000

Third Round: 3 winners, $12000  

Fourth Round: 3 winners, $14000

until Jan 12

Participate now!

Each round 5 days


Alpari Virtual Reality Demo Contest

Regulated by: IFSC

MEXGroup (MultiBank Exchange Group) offers Demo Contest to all its clients from December 11, 2017, to June 30, 2018 (Six Months). This competition is held for six consecutive months in each of which the participants have the chance to win ‘$15000 Cash Prize.’ Additionally, the contest will have a Grand Prize winner who’d received a ‘Mercedes-Benz E-Class (Black).’ The clients have up until December 10 to register (verifiable info) for a demo account with an initial deposit of $50000 – each round requires a new registration. The available platform is ECN Pro with $4 lots per lot RT. The clients will have access to 1:500 leverage; however, scalping and EAs are not accepted. The grand prize winner must participate in no less than three rounds of trading and complete 1000 lots RT in every round, and the trader who achieves the highest total equity throughout the six-month competition will be announced the Grand winner. The winners are to open a live trading account to have their info verified and receive the prizes, five days after the end of the contest. The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on July 5, 2018.

1st  $10000

2nd  $3000

3rd  $2000

Grand Prize Winner: a brand new Mercedes-Benz E-Class


Participate now

30 Juune 2018


Alpari Virtual Reality Demo Contest

Regulated by: IFSC

Alpari is holding a virtual reality contest which consists of four consecutive rounds (each competed in a different demo account). 4609 competitors will compete for $8760 in addition to 50,000 ALP (bonus points) about eleven weeks. 30 lucky winners with the most profit and the lowest drawdown will win the prizes. The participants are to provide the necessary info as well as a nickname for the contest. The initial deposit given to each competitor is $100,000. The winners are required to register for the next rounds as well. FX instruments are allowed on mt4 accounts, but virtual money can only be traded via Alpari MetaTrader. The leverage is 1:10 and the minimum number of lot is 0.1 (increasing up to 0.01). The contestants can’t use a proxy, and the demo accounts should only be used during the contest. Every night the account balance is computed at the time of rollover. The winners’ account balance should exceed their first deposit.

The prize winners are picked based on the percentage of profit, percentage of drawdown, and profit factor. The 1st to 50th traders in the final rating of profit index are rewarded respectively 50, 49…, 1 points. The same goes for the other two determining indexes.

The prizes are transferred within 60 days after the contest and are withdrawable as soon as they are granted.

1st place - $500

2nd place - $400

3rd place - $350

4th place - $250

5th place - $200

6th place - $150

7th place - $100

8th place - $90

9th place - $80

10th place - $70

Every season

(Four rounds throughout the year)

Participate now

11 weeks


Blackwell Global Summer Demo contest

FXTM is presenting the Fourth Zone of the demo contest. The clients can register for this round of competition before or during the contest period. Five top winners who manage to acquire the highest profit will share the $6000 prize pool in descending order. The prizes can be withdrawn at will after the winners are announced. The clients are required to register for a MyFXTM demo account for participation - all terms and conditions applied. This opportunity is unique because no investment on your part is required and you get to trade for real. The contestants will have access to flexible leverage and spread from 0.1 pip.

1st  $3000

2nd  $1200

3rd  $800

4th  $600

5th  $400

throughout the year
Participate now

1 week


Christmas contest – ForeXmas

Regulated by: ASIC, FCA

FXOpen and ForexCup are offering a joint Christmas contest – ForeXmas - to all their clients during 11th-22nd of December 2017. The contenders can register for a Demo Competition ECN account with either one of the brokers beginning right now. The competition will have 40 top winners who can manage to add 20% to their initial deposit and trade at least 10 standard lots to share $3000 in descending order. The initial required deposit is $5000. EAs are allowed and the leverage amount of 1:500 is available. The traders can use the following instruments for the competition: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD, AUDUSD, NZDUSD, and EURGBP. Margin call and Stop out are respectively 100% and 50%. The prizes will be delivered to the winners STP Accounts after at the end of the competition, %50 of which can be withdrawn.

1st   $900 ($450+$450 Bonus)

2nd   $300 (150 + 150)

3rd  $240 (120+120)

4th  $210 (105+105)

5th   $120 (60+60)

6th  $90 (45+45)

7th – 10th  $60 (30+30)

11th – 40th  $30 Bonus

11 Dec 2017
Participate now

Friday December 22 2017


Tickmill 1 week Demo Contest

Regulated by: FSA, FCA

Tickmill broker grands CASH prizes to top 20 performing traders in a 1 week demo trading contest! All demo contest participants are given 10,000 demo accounts with a high leverage of 500:1. Winners are traders who gains the highest profit in one week! Tickmil contests have an ongoing rounds, you can choose a round and take part in. Using EAs are not allowed in the contest. Prizes are withdrawable with no restriction!

1st place - $200

2nd place - $100

3rd place - $50

4th to 10th place - $20

11th to 20th place - $15

Every week

(Each round starting date is stated on contest page)

Participate now

1 week


FXTM Demo contest

Regulated by: CySEC

FXTM is offering a demo trading contest to all its clients (old and new) to compete for $24000 in four different zones namely Pip City, Margin Metropolis, Bid Central, and Currency Capital during the entire 2017. Each contest period will last a month in which five top winners with the highest profit would share $6000 in descending order. The cash prizes are transferred to the live accounts and are totally withdrawable. The clients are to register for MyFXTM demo account, consent to the terms and conditions of the contest, and put their trading strategies into practice in a simulated FX market. The offered spreads start from 0.1 pips, and flexible leverage is also available.

1st - $3000

2nd - $1200

3rd - $800

4th - $600

5th - $400

All year round 2017
Participate now

1 Month


Carrax Demo contest

Regulated by: FSA

Carrax is hosting a wonderful Rally Contest for all of its clients to put their trading expertise into action. The Rally contest is a monthly event in which currencies pairs (only those paired with USD) can be traded using MT4 and leverage up to 1:100 on real Standard Accounts. Ten fortunate winners with the highest transaction percentage will receive the allocated prizes. The contenders have to be verified in CarraxDESK, fill out the required application and fund their accounts with at least $300 (the account balance should remain above the agreed amount during the period). The participants are to engage in at least three transactions a day, use no EAs, and close all their open positions before the end of the period. Drawdowns will affect traders’ own funds first and Stop Out occurrence will result in prize cancellation. The contest results will be announced within seven days after the period.

1st  $1000

2nd  $700

3rd  $500

4th-10th  $250

Every Month
Participate now

1 Month


Rakuten  Demo contest

Regulated by: SFC

Rakuten FX is hosting a demo contest, and all of its clients are welcome to participate. The competition is held from August 7 to October 28, 2017 (Three Months) in which 30 lucky winners will have the opportunity to receive up to HK$5000 each month depending on their yield scores. The traders are required to open a MARKETSPEED FX Demo Account - provide verifiable info, apply for Rakuten FX Demo Contest, download the MARKETSPEED FX Desktop Platform, and trade to receive the highest yield during each round.

The acquired yields for each round are calculated separately according to the following formula:

Yield = (Equity ÷ Initial Balance) x 100%

The winners will be notified via Email or Phone to receive the prizes within seven days after the period. The winners are also required to hold a Live Rakuten FX account during a month after being confirmed as a winner. To withdraw the cash, the traders should finish at least one round trade.

1st  HK$5000

2nd  HK$3000

3rd-5th  HK$1000

6th -30th   HK$200

Competition Period: (August 7 – October 28, 2017)

1. August 7 – September 2, 2107

2. September 4 – September 30, 2017

3. October 2 – October 28, 2017
Participate now

Till Oct 2017


FBSPro Demo Contest

Regulated by: IFSC

New round of FBSPro Demo contest is about to start. Prizes are in cash and  withdrawable - 1000$ among top 5 successful traders. Contest lasts for 2 weeks only, account initial balance for competitors is 10000$ & contest leverage is 100:1. Winners are contestants with highest account balance at the end of the competition. Prizes are given to FBS real accounts and are available for withdrawing with any method of choice by the winners.

1st place $450

2nd place $250

3rd place $150

4th place $100

5th place $50

Every month
Participate now

2 weeks


1000$ NFP Competition

Regulated by: CySEC, FCA

Place your prediction for this week Non-farm announcement and get 1000$ Prize from XM! Predictions should be placed before the announcement. In case no one has the accurate prediction, the winner will be the person with the closest prediction. In case of several winners, prize will be distributed equally. You can predict more than once, but only your last prediction is considered in the contest!

1000$ for the winner

(Prize is as credit, winner can use it to trade  & withdraw the profits)

Participate Now!

a week


Fibogrouo - Trader's Triple Chase 2017

Regulated by: CySEC, FSC

FiboGroup Trader's Triple Chase Forex Contest  consists of three rounds - Demo, Live and PAMM. On 1st  round, traders compete on demo accounts during 1 week. Top 10 winners are chosen based on the highest profitability and percentage of max drawdown which isn’t more than 30%. 1st round winners get 100$ pre-deposited NDD Real accounts, ready for second round - live stage.

In 2nd round, the trader with the best result will become the second round winner and will be granted a PAMM account with 1000 USD prize. Winners can withdraw these funds at the end of the second round in case they have traded more than 0.5 lot during the week.

Winners of the first two rounds, will take part in 3rd round of the contest - PAMM. 3rd round will last until 16 Dec 2016. At 3rd round, PAMM managers  will receive points based on the result of managing the PAMM accounts at the end of each week, only if the result exceeds more than 5%. At this stage, the profits can be withdrawn.

The winners of the 3rd round will be determined by lottery, which takes place on December 20, 2016.

1st round - 100$ Live account for top 10 winners

2nd round - 1000$ PAMM account for first place winner

3nd round - PAMM accounts pre-loaded with $10 000, $15 000 and $25 000 for 3 winners

Every week

(each round starts  on Monday)

Participate Now

Duration of each

Round is 1 week

(Available for whole 2016)


HotForex Demo Contest

Regulated by: CySEC

New round of Monthly Demo contest with HotForex Broker! Top three traders with highest percentage of profit will win 3500 USD! Contestants initial balance is 10,000 USD with 1:200 leverage. Prizes are transferred to winners' HotForex Live trading accounts. Prizes are not withdrawable, but any profits made are withdrawable when completing 10 lots and total number of 50 trades.

1st place $2000

2nd place $1000

3rd place $500

1st each month

You can join during the contest too, hurry up!

Participate now

1 month


XM Weekly Demo Contest

Regulated by: CySEC, FCA

XM runs 4 Demo contests each month, each contest lasts for 1 week. Total 20,000 USD prize in a month, each week 5000 USD Cash prize for top 90 winners. Trade and gain the highest profit and become a winner of XM weekly Contest! All Prizes are withdrawable with no restriction, added to your trading account. Initial balance - 10000$, leverage 1:50, Scalping allowed, EA not allowed.

5000 USD shared between top 90 winners!

1st winner : 1150$

2nd winner: 725$

3rd winner : 550$

4th Winner: 430$

82nd - 90th winners: 9$

Every Wednesday on 12:00 PM

Participate now

1 week


NordFx DemoCup Contest

Regulated by: CySEC

Each month NordFX runs a two-weeks Demo trading contests. Top 10 traders with highest increase in balance will become contest winners. Account deposit is 10,000$ with 100:1 leverage. Contestants can trade all trading instruments except Gold and Silver. Prizes are given to winners NordFx Live accounts, available for withdrawal or trading with no limitation. Moreover, 10 randomly contestants will also be given 50$ for free!

1st place - $1,000

2nd place - $700

3rd place - $500

4th place - $200

5th place - $100

6th place - $100

7th place - $100

8th place - $100

9th place - $100

10th place - $100

Every month

Participate now

2 weeks


Agea Forecast Forex Contest

Regulated by: MiFID

Make the most accurate prediction of EUR/USD closing value on each Friday  and have a chance to win 100$! To become qualified for the contest, you need to share Agea WebTrader on one of your favorite social networks, publicly, and then enter your prediction on Friday 21h GMT via the special form on Agea website, together with your username. The winner having the best (closest) prediction will win 100$.

Winner with best prediction/forcast will win 100 USD

(Prize can be withdrawn once 0.1 lot is traded)

Every week

Participate now

1 week


Agea Monthly Demo Contest

Regulated by: MiFID

Agea broker runs monthly Demo contests in which everyone can participate by simply opening a demo account and win withdrawable cash prizes. The contest will take place on Agea Streamster platform (Available for Windows desktop or via web platform). Traders will receive 10,000 virtual accounts, with leverage set at 100:1. Top 3 traders who gain highest profits, will be considered as winners.

1st winner :50$

2nd winner: 30$

3rd winner : 20$

Every month

Participate now

1 month


Mayzus Forex Demo Scalping Wars

Regulated by: CySEC, MiFID

Forex Demo contests for scalpers! Every week for 5 days, traders will compete with each others and top 5 winners are determined according to largest balance. Demo accounts balance is 10,000$ with a high leverage of 1:500. Prizes are as credit, given to winners Live trading accounts at Mayzus broker. Winners can trade with prizes for 90 days and withdraw the profits while the prize will be decreased  proportion.

1st place $500

2nd place $300

3rd place $200

4th place $100

5th place $50

Every week on Monday

Participate now

5 days


Dukascopy Trader Contest

Regulated by: FINMA

Contest accounts are in 100,000$. The total amount of opened positions should reach at least 10. All positions must have TP & SL. Traders should engage in contest blogging. Prizes are added to winners Live accounts and can be withdrawn once certain amount of lots is traded.

1st - 6,000$

2nd - 3,500$

3rd - 2,500$

4th - 2,000$

5th - 6th - 1,500$

7th - 10th - 1,000$

11th ... 20th - 500$

21th ... 30th - 200$

1st each month

Participate Now

1 month duration

Forex Demo Contests Platforms (With buy-in\Tickets)

Contest Type & Condition

Start Date



FxArena Contest Platform

To participate in FxArena Demo contests, you’ll need to buy tickets, depending on which type of contest you choose, FxArena tickets cost from as low as 6$ up to 55$. At FxArena, Prizes are as pool, it depends on the number of contest participants and the traders with the highest balance will win and share the prize pool. Prizes are in cash and available for withdrawal with no limitation.

To learn more about FxArena Trading Contests, please read FxArena Contests Review.

Big Mini

  • Ticket price: 6$ (5$ + 1$ participation fee)
  • Contest duration is just 1 week
  • Minimum 15 registrant required for contest
  • Contest takes place every week
  • Leverage is set at 50:1, EAs are allowed
  • Late registrations accepted within 5 days

Every Wednesday

Participate Now

$5,000 guaranteed prize pool

Big Small

  • Ticket price: 11$ (10$ + 1$ participation fee)
  • Contest duration is just 4 days
  • Minimum 25 registrants are required
  • Contest takes place once per month
  • Leverage is set at 50:1, EAs are allowed
  • Late registrations accepted within 3 days

Will be announced by FxArena

Participate Now

$10,000 guaranteed prize pool

Big Big

  • Ticket price: 55$ (50$ + 5$ participation fee)
  • Contest duration is 2 weeks
  • Minimum 50 registrants are required
  • Contest takes place every month
  • Leverage is set at 50:1, EAs are allowed
  • Late registrations accepted within 3 days

Soon to be started

Participate Now

$55,000 guaranteed prize pool

One VS One

  • Ticket Price From $2.25 - $1100
  • Duration range from 15 minutes to 4 Hours
  • Available Throughout the Day
  • Both traders initial balance: $10,000
  • Leverage 1:50 (EA's are allowed)

At any time

Participate Now

Winner takes all

Recently ended contests (Within last several months)


Lucky 8 FX Trader of the Year

Regulated by: FCA (UK)

Once again in 2016, HantecFX Forex Demo contest in partnership with FxStreet. 4 weekly contests during 1 month with weekly prizes! Contestants will get 10,000 initial balance on demo accounts. First three rounds, traders can only trade with 8 instruments and then all instrument in final round. Gain maximum profits during the contest and win! Winners prizes can be withdrawn by trading 5 lots per each 100$ of prize amount. Profits can be withdrawn with no limitation, however with any withdrawal of profit, prize amount will be written off.

Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3

1st place - $1500

2nd place - $500

Final week 4:

1st place - $4000

2nd place - $2000

Participation Ended

28 Oct 2016



FxPrimus Forex Demo Contest

Regulated by: CySEC

FxPrimus Demo contest with 3500$ Cash prize! Participants account balance is 10000 USD, leverage is set at 500:1. Traders who gain maximum balance, will become the winners. Top 10 Winners get their prizes into their FxPrimus Live Trading accounts. Winners should have at least 50 standard lots during the month. Prize funds are available for withdrawal after 20 days.

1st place - $1200

2nd place - $600

3rd place - $300

4th place - $200

5th place - $200

6th place - $100

7th place - $100

8th place - $100

9th place - $100

10th place - $100

Starts on 20 Sep

REgistration ended

1 month



Tradeo Demo Contest

Regulated by: CySEC

Tradeo Demo contest with 5,000 USD Funded Live accounts for top 10 winners! Contestants initial account balance is 50,000$ and the leverage is 200:1. Minimum trading volume is required which is 100 lots Winners will get their prizes within 15 days after the end of the contest. Terms and conditions for winners prizes are specified later in time by the Tradeo Broker.

1st place $2250

2nd place $1000

3rd place $55
4th place 250$
6th - 10th place 140$

26 Oct 2015

Registration ended

1 month



ADS-Securities Demo Contest

Regulated by: FCA

One month duration Forex demo contest with ADS-Securities (London) Broker at MyFxBook. $3000 Cash prize between top 3 traders who gains highest return! Contestants initial balance is 50,000 in demo with leverage set at 1:500. Prizes are deposited to winners live trading account at ADS Securities Broker. Prizes are available for withdrawing with no limitations or restrictions at all.

1st place - $3000

2nd place - $1500

3rd place - $500

21 July 2016

Registration ended

20 Aug 2016


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