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Latest Forex Live contests & Competitions

- Compete with other Live account traders, prove your trading ability and win great cash prizes!

Featured Live contest: FxPrimus Titan Competition

Alpari is offering the Traders Wars Contest – a Battle of Factions – to all its clients. The first round of the battle begins on January 1, 2018, with a prize pool of $2300 Cash in addition to 37700 ALP ($27600 yearly prize fund). The contestants are required to open a trading account (Standard.MT4, Pro.ECN.MT4, or ECN.MT4), fund the said account (at least $50) and begin trading. The acceptable currencies for the contest include USD, EUR, and Gold. The contest will have 32 top winners who managed to have a higher balance – Higher Profit Percentage - than their initial deposit.

Each round will be held in two stages and will last three weeks. The contenders should join either the Bulls or Bears faction for the contest. During the first stage, 16 top traders will be ranked in each factions who will then compete against one another in the second stage (Knockout). The participants can open any trading position regardless of the size; however, similar trading positions are not accepted. The contestants can claim their prizes within a week after the contest to receive and withdraw their reward within 30 days.

Do you have what it takes to win? Join Alpari’s Traders Wars Contest in 2018!




Regulated by: IFSC

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Featured Live contest: Alpari Formula FX

Alpari Formula FX competitions are intended for the most aggressive traders, and of course in a live trading account. Those traders who have enough confidence in their trades and trade really big.

Each round at Formula FX last only 1 week, short and stirring. Each round total prize is 1600 USD and the minimum deposit to participate in the contest is as low as 30 USD.

Formula FX competitions take place every other week.

The winners are determined by the highest rate of return percentage. Prizes are as follow:

To participate, you need to register for MyAlpari Cabinet on the Company website and sign up for the contest from within your Cabinet. For each round, you just need to enter your Nickname and MT login to participate in next round.

Detailed info about the contest




Regulated by: IFSC

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Contest Conditions




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TickMill - Trader of the month

Regulated by: FSA, FCA

Tickmill hosts a Live Contest with real cash prize Every Month. Contestants will compete, and one lucky winner whose expertise in trading is just top notch in every aspect such as earning a profit (percentage) and managing risk (drawdown, the ratio of profits to losses/ risk to earning) will win $1000 Cash Prize. Three Tickmill management members will select the best trader among all; however, if no one is chosen for the month, the prize will carry forward to the upcoming month. The contenders need to open a live trading account (no registration is needed) with the Tickmill broker to be a part of this magnificent opportunity. Also, a minimum of $500 is required for participation. The winner’s name, country, and trading activities will be published, and s/he may be asked to partake in an interview for promotional purposes. Ten days after the competition period, the winner’s name will be published on Tickmill Facebook Page.


Ever month

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JustForex Trading Wars Live Contests

Regulated by: IFSC

JustForex is offering a live contest (Trading Wars) to all its clients from October 23 to November 10, 2017 (almost three weeks). The registration period is from October 6 to October 22, 2017. The contestants will compete for $25000 Cash Prize which will be shared in descending order among ten lucky winners (Jedi Knights) who acquired the highest profit scores. The clients are required to open a trading account, make an initial $500 deposit, and enter the Trading Wars Contest (all the required details and conditions apply). Please note that only Mini, Standard, or ECN Zero accounts are accepted in the contest. The final scores are calculated based on the following formula: Profit points = Total Profit × Profitable days. The prizes will be transferred to the winners’ trading accounts three days after the contest and can be withdrawn without any restrictions.

1st  $5000

2nd  $3000

3rd  $1500

4th  $1000

5th  $800

6th  $500

7th  $250

8th  $200

9th  $150

10th  $100

Oct 23

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October 23 – November 10, 2017

FXTM (ForexTime)

FXTM FX Circuits Live Contests

Regulated by: CySEC, FCA

FXTM is arranging a Live Contest, FX Circuits, which will be available to all the company clients starting on May 29 until December 22, 2017. The competition will be held in eight different circuits namely Shanghai International, Catalunya, Monaco, Silverstone, Monza, Marina Bay, Sepang, and Yas Marina in each of which five lucky contestants with the highest ratio of profits and lowest drawdown will compete for $400000 prize pool ($50000 for each circuit).The traders are required to fund their Live Trading Account (MT4 Standard, Cent, MT4 ECN, ECN Zero, Strategy Account, And FXTM Pro) with $100. Only CFDs, Forex, Metals, and Spot CFDs are acceptable for trading (CFDs on Shares are not allowed).

Profits are calculated according to the following formula: Profit (%) = [Profit / (Starting Equity + Deposits)] * 100 + (“Facebook +50 Bonus”). If the contestants post the MyFXTM competition banner mentioning the #FXcircuits hashtag on their Facebook account, they will receive an additional 50 (units) which is a one-time offer. If the contenders were to buy the tickets (two at the most) six weeks prior to the competition, the price would be 50% off (up to $200). During 30 days after the competition, the winners will receive their prizes accordingly. For withdrawing the funds, the traders shall trade the required number of lots; the amount of prize is divided by 100, e.g. 12000/100= 120 standard lots (each position should remain open for at least five min).

1st $20000

2nd $12000

3rd  $8000

4th $6000

5th $4000

FX Circuits Contest Period: Starts on May, 29 and ends on December 22, 2017

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Throughout 2017


Alpari JackPot Live Contest

Regulated by: The Financial Commission

Alpari Jackpot is for those traders that are well experienced in trading Forex. You should make the most profits in a Live trading account while having the least drawdown. Duration of each round is 11 weeks with total prize of 31,120 USD and one Grand prize of 50,000$ in a PAMM account at the end of the year.

In each round, 25 top traders will receive cash prizes, starting from 10,000$ for the 1st winner. The minimum deposit to take part in each round is 500 USD.

Two indices will determine the final ratings:

Recovery Factor (Priority A);

Minimum Margin Level (Priority B).

Four indexes will influence the formation of the Plus Ranking:

Percentage of Profit (Priority A)

Percentage of Maximum Relative Drawdown (Priority B)

Minimum Margin Level (Priority C)

Profit Factor (Priority D)

1st place - $10000

2nd place - $7000

3rd place - $5000

4th place - $2000

5th place - $1000

6th place - $900

7th place - $800

8th place - $700

9th place - $600

10th place - $500

11th place - $450

12th place - $400

13th place - $350

14th place - $300

15th place - $250

16th place - $200

17th place - $150

18th place - $100

19th place - $90

20th place - $80

21st place - $70

22nd place - $60

23rd place - $50

24th place - $40

25th place - $30

Within upcoming moth

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In 11 weeks


Alpari Full Throttle Live Contest

Regulated by: IFSC

The contest name says it all, you’ve got to do it with as much speed and energy as you can. Full Throttle tournaments are for the most aggressive traders, it’s hell of a contest. Your aim is to have the highest volume trading in your account, yes, it isn’t about the higher return this time, even your losing trades count!

Each round lasts only 2 weeks and the prize for each round is 4600 USD. Minimum Deposit to participate in Full Throttle tournaments is as low as 250 USD.

A prizewinner can withdraw his/her prize from the account at any time and without any limitation.

1st place - $1000

2nd place - $800

3rd place - $700

4th place - $600

5th place - $500

6th place - $400

7th place - $300

8th place - $150

9th place - $100

10th place - $50

Participate Now

In 2 weeks


FBS Olympic Super Trader Contest

Regulated by: IFSC

FBS Super Trader (Olympic) contest is Live Trading Contest in which the winners are determined by the highest number of trading volume in lots!

There are two groups of competitors - Deposit at least $100 to participate in the first group or deposit at least $1,000 to participate in the second group. Each group has different prizes!

You can participate in FBS Olympic Super Trader during the whole duration of contest.

15 traders from each group will also receive cash prizes based on the number of lots they have traded - X Lots x 10 USD.

Prizes for the first group (deposits from $100 to $999 USD):

1st place - GoPro Hero 4 Black

2nd place - Samsung Galaxy Tab A-8.0 SM-T355 16GB

3rd place - Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

Prizes for the second group (deposits from $1,000 to $5,000 USD):

1st place - An electric scooter

2nd place - Samsung Galaxy Tab A-9.7 SM-T555 16GB

3rd place - Samsung Gear S2 Classic smartwatch

Registration Ended

1 week

FXTM (ForexTime)

FXTM Game of Pips Forex Live Contest

Regulated by: CySEC, FCA

To take part in FXTM Game of Pips Live Contest, you need to deposit a minimum amount of 300 USD. Winners are those who gain the highest profit in %. 100,000 USD pool prize is shared among top 10 winners, plus 10 t-shirts.

Registration is available until end of the contest, that is to say one can participate even during the contest. Winners will be announced within 30 days after the end of the competition.

The prizes are in Credit and can be used for trading and once required amount of lots is traded, the funds will become withdrawable.

The formula for aforementioned amount of lots is as follow:

Prize amount / 100 = number of lots

Using expert advisers is not allowed in this contest. The winners in this competition have an opportunity to become an Investment manager at FXTM Broker.

1st place - $50000

2nd place - $20000

3rd place - $10000

4th place - $7000

5th place - $5000

6th place - $3000

7th place - $2000

8th place - $1500

9th place - $1000

10th place - $500

Registration ended

1 month

1st winner

400 USD

2nd winner

350 USD

3rd winner

200 USD

4th up to 10th winner

160 USD up to 20 USD

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