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Best Forex Bonus 2017

We feature the most favorable and reliable Bonuses and Trading Contests in the Forex industry. All promotions listed here are offered only by top and well-regulated Forex brokers. There are no disreputable, unregulated or untrustworthy Forex brokers here, because we take pride in our efforts to provide the best. Get started with the best-rated Forex bonus by a leading Forex broker and enhance your trading strategy, for the better.

What’s the latest? Bellow are just the newest bonuses & contests, for all listings, go to related pages.

Deposit Bonus for Live Traders - Every now and then, Forex Brokers offer bonuses for traders ready to deposit money into their trading accounts. The most widespread type of such promotions is “Forex Deposit Bonus” aka “Forex Welcome bonus” - to increase your account capital, trading volume and enhance your trading performance! Other promotions in this category are Forex Cashback bonus, better trading conditions, no fees for funds transfers and alike.


XM | Up to $5000 Depsoit Bonus!
Sponsored Promo!  This Bonus is valid for 2017!


Rakuten | Trading Rebate Promotion
Featured Promo!  This Bonus is valid until 17 July 2017!| up to 2,000 USD Deposit bonus!

New Arrival!  This bonus ends on 31 Dec 2017!


HYCM | 25% up to $5000 Deposit Bonus
Featured Promo!  This promotion is for limited time only!


FBS | Zero Spread Account + 1:3000 Leverage!
New Arrival!  This Bonus is valid for 2017!


Aetos | Up to 20000 USD Deposit Bonus
New Arrival!  This promotion is for Limited time only!

No-deposit Bonus - It’s all about “No deposit Bonus”, the most popular Free Forex promotion for beginners and newcomers, offered by some brokers. Trade Forex for real in a pre-deposited live trading account without risking your own money or spending a dime. Get even more free promos including Forex webinars conducted by experts in the industry, Free Forex education materials such as e-books, video tutorials, or even take a Forex training course, all for free. | $30 FREE No Deposit Bonus!
New Arrival!  This Bonus if for limited Time Only!


XM | $30 No Deposit Bonus!
New Arrival!  This Bonus if available for 2017


FBS | 123 USD No Deposit Bonus
New Arrival!  This bonus is available for 2017


JustForex | 5$ Forex No deposit Bonus new bonus
New Arrival!  This bonus is available until 30 June 2017!


UFX | $50 Free Bonus
New Arrival!  This bonus is available for 2017


RoboForex | 30$ No deposit Bonus!
New Arrival!  This bonus may end at any time

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Best Forex Bonus - Editorial Pick-up!

Looking for the Best Forex Bonus among Forex Brokers? There are important factors to consider before choosing the Best type of Forex bonus that is most favorable to you as well as fitting your trading strategy. Moreover, the broker who gives the bonus, has even higher priority than the bonus offer. No matter how great the special offer is, if the broker is not reliable, stable and reputable, the bonus offer will actually work against you, as the broker will. Below are a handful of Best-rated bonuses specially picked up for you (June 2016):


XM - Trade & Earn + $30 for FREE

XM is one of the largest and most reputable Forex brokers, multi-regulated by FCA, CySEC, ASIC and is extremely popular among both beginners and professional traders. XM offers Cash Reward Bonus - Trade and earn XM Points for every trade you make, later you can turn your earned points into Withdrawable money or even tradable bonus!

Solid Broker, Multi-Regulated, Big and Reputable!

Fully withdrawable | XM Points / 3 = Cash-out Money

Turn your points into Tradable bonus: XM Points / 40

10, 13, 16 and 20 Points per trade (4 levels available)

Get it Now! Learn More

Forex Demo Contests are by far the most popular Forex trading competitions, because no deposits are required and prizes are usually cash too! With most Demo contests, top winners are determined by the highest balance. To be on top in the competition, you still need to be an experienced trader, know the market well and stick to your trading strategy, and of course in demo contests some luck here and there is needed too! Take part in now and win real money!


Black Well Global | 1 month demo contest
Duration: 1 May - 30 May 2017

Prize Fund: 7500$ between 4 winners
^ Contest starts on 1 May, join Now!


XM | 1 Million Dollar Forex World Championship

Duration: 1 moth (12 round)
Prize Fund: 50,00$ for 90 winners + 500K final prize
^ Contest starts every month, hurry up!


FBSPro Demo contest
Duration: 1 month
Prize Fund: 1000$ for top 5 winners
^ Contest starts every month


Tickmil | Weekly Demo contest
Duration: 1 Week
Prize Fund: 640$ for top 20 winners each round
^ Contest starts within every month - dates on site

Forex Live Contests are intended for the most experienced, disciplined and confident traders and are not for beginners. The reason is behind the fact that trading in a Live account is quite different from Demo trading accounts, because real money is involved and the intensity of decision making and trading the market is pretty much high. Real money losses and competitiveness take the psychology of trading to a new level. Do you have what it takes?


Alpari | Jackpot Live contest
Duration: 11 week
Prize Fund: 31,120 USD among top 25 winners
^ Contest starts every 3 months


FxPrimus | Forex Titan Live Contest
Duration: 3 Month
Prize Fund: 50,00$ among top 10 winners
^ Contest already started, you can join now


Alpari | Formula FX (1 week live contest)
Duration: 1 week
Prize Fund: 1600$ among top 20 winners
^ Contest starts every other week (2 times/month)

FXTM (ForexTime)

FXTM | Mountain Expedition Live Contest
Duration: 3 week

Prize Fund: 100,000 USD among top 10 winners
^ Contest starts on 17 Oct 2016

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About Forex market, Brokers and Bonuses

What is Forex?

In a nutshell, Forex Market is the largest financial market in the world with daily turnover above 5 trillion, according to the latest data from Reuters. Yes, Forex is a giant financial market.

Why trading Forex?

Why not? To make money or professionally speaking, to become rich. Forex is all about money, the currencies, and the only purpose is to make money, to profit. There is no other place that you can exclusively and professionally become occupied with making money.

I’ve heard a large percentage of traders end up being losers, how true is that?

Trading Forex is beyond the notion of just making money, far beyond. it’s about accomplishment and ambition for success. Most traders are only concerned about the money, losses and profits, this and that strategy or guru and whatnot. On a deeper level, most traders deal with psychological barriers that are their enemies. Forex is not for everyone, only the most healthy, happy, disciplined and determined traders are ready for it.

What’s all the fuss about brokers? How good are Forex bonuses?

As a serious trader, you should be careful when choosing your personal broker, because it’s your money that you want to take care of, no one wants to lose money or be badly behaved by a company in financial operations. Regulations are not everything when it comes to Forex brokers, but it is crucial that your broker must be well-regulated in the very first place. Then it comes to broker’s solid history, presence and reputability on the web. Do not fall for new and unregulated Forex brokers or their promotions. Take whatever you see and read on various Forex related websites with a grain of salt and use your own judgement.

Like any other industry, Forex bonuses & promotions are here to be taken advantage from, and there are various types of Forex promotions. The most common “Welcome bonuses” that will beneficially raise your trading volume, “No-Deposit Bonuses” with no risk for beginners to experience with Live trading accounts, and “Forex demo contests” to trade, compete, and have a chance to win real money prizes. Here at Best Forex Bonus, only the most trusted brokers with best Forex bonus and latest Forex competitions are featured for you.


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