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AETOS - Up to 20000 USD deposit bonus

Bonus Rating:
FCA Regulated Forex broker, AETOS, provides all its new clients with a great bonus up to $20000 or 20%. This generous offer is valid (for seven months), so grab it while you can and turn it into a large profit!

All new clients, with no prior live trading account, are required to open one at the AETOS and deposit at least $250 to receive the bonus within two business days. The necessary number of lots should be traded before the deadline, in which case the bonus amount will be accessible as cash. All the payment methods provided by AETOS are at your disposal. Furthermore, wire transfers are subject to a fee by the bank, but this does not disqualify the clients as long as they provide proof. If the traders were to make transfers (deposit or withdrawal) before trading the required number of lots;
Aetos deposit bonus
Examples 1: A client makes $8000 deposit to receive $1000 bonus; however, before completing the required number of lots he withdraws $2500 of the initial deposit, so his credit will be reduced to $600 according to the deposit criteria ($5000-$7999).

Example 2: A trader deposits $4000 (40 lots required) and trades only 25 lots during seven months; therefore, his credit will be calculated according to ($1000-$1999) = 20 lots and the rest will be lost.

Example 3: a trader deposits $1000 ($130 bonus) on the day of account registration, a week later he decides to cash out, in this scenario, he must have completed 7.5 standard lots to earn $50, and the rest will be missed.

Moreover, if the required number of lots are completed, the clients should contact to receive the earned cash.

How to get Aetos 25% deposit bonus?

Go to open a live trading account, apply for the Bonus up to $20000, and receive up to $20000 credit on your account depending on your deposited amount. Use your trading strategies, get down to business and the sky’s your limit! For more info on the number of lots and the deposit amounts, please check out the above table.

Certain conditions

Only newly registered clients can use this bonus.

This promotion is received once per client.

The clients are not allowed to combine trading lots from different accounts.

If the required number of lots are not met in time, the trading credit will be treated according to the credit criteria defined in the table.