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Alpari Cashback Bonus

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Alpari, regulated by IFSC, presents a fantastic Loyalty Cashback Program to all its clients who have registered with the company. The clients can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and gain points (up to 100% of their investment) by engaging in all sorts of account activities such as registering for myAlpari, first account registration for new comers (except for demo accounts), making deposits, gaining a higher trading turnover, as well as aggregated trading turnover level (PAMM accounts) - the points are calculated every week. The more activities you manage to register in your account, the more points, therefore, cashback you will be awarded. However, if you withdraw from your account or leave your account idle for 30 days (which reduces your balance 5% per day), you will lose bonus points accordingly.
Alpari Cashback bonus
In this particular program, you are given ALP as your trading currency which you can later exchange for cash. Moreover, these points can also get you some discount for better trading conditions. You can gain points (Alps) or lose them depending on your activities; additionally, you cant transfer or sell them to a third party. The balance in investment accounts is counted according to their equity (minus PAMM Account Manager Compensation). Bear in mind that your account activities will affect the compensation, points or discounts (Spread refund - 25%, ECN - 30%, Swap -40%, Deposit - 50%, and Conversion - 40%). You will receive your points based on a coefficient corresponding to every myAlpari status as follows:

Bonus points awarded = Bonus Points for Activities × Coefficient

When clients
aggregate balance goes beyond $50000, they will acquire the Premium Status which will then entitle them to free refund on commission for ECN Accounts and Deposits up to respectively 10 and 100% (Automatically activated). Other perks of the Premium status is having access to discount allocated to the Negative swap refund, a personal manager, an investment expert, advance funding, and an unlimited number of open orders.

Furthermore, for every $100 deposit, you will receive ten bonus points. Also, if the deposit ($100) is made via an external payment method within three days after myAlpari registration, 20 points will be granted. When a client withdraws from the myAlpari account during three days after registration, the points are reduced based on USD × 0.2 × coefficients, and after three days according to USD × 0.1 × coefficients.

The clients can review the earned and available bonus points in their Bonus Account History. Discounts are valid for 28 or 7 days from buying the discount depending on the selected period. Also, you can
t add the same type of discounts to each other. As soon as you start working with a better discount, the lower discount (regarding refund) will be inactive. The traders can use the discount for trading conditions such as reduced negative swaps, tighter spread (ECN accounts not included), and lower fee on ECN accounts (ECN.MT4 and PAMM.ECN.MT4 not included). Or non-trading conditions including a refund on the part of a fee paid for a deposit and conversion rate (for deposits/transfer) in myAlpari. For more info check out the tables below:

How to participate in the Alpari Loyalty Cashback Program:

Every new or existing client of the Alpari broker can participate in this program by opening a myAlpari account, making a deposit, and raising their trading turnover or aggregated trading turnover level in PAMM accounts. By taking part in the loyalty cashback program, you
d be able to retrieve up to 100% of your investment in a short period.

Certain conditions

Account activities before the Loyalty Program are not accepted.

Introducing Brokers receive points for their own activities only.

PAMM account managers receive points for their own account activities.

The capital accounts
balance or special offers by Alpari are not included in the Loyalty Program.

Trading turnover of demo accounts is not accepted in the Loyalty Program.

Any new status added to myAlpari will multiply the bonus points according to the new coefficient.

Only trading turnover and investment turnover (PAMM) up to three million per week are calculated in the program.

The calculation of locked positions is either upon completely closing the locked positions of the same size or partial closing of locked positions for the overlapped positions.

When an order is opened or closed, the trading turnover will be counted on the Bid Price in MetaTrader.

Refunds pertaining to the purchased discounts are transferred once a week.

Refunds for spreads are granted based on all the spreads (half of spread for each opening or closing position).

Refunds for improving conditions on non-trading activities are credited based on
Refund amount = Commission х Percentage rate of the purchased discount.

The clients are not allowed to exchange more than 25% of the bonus points.