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HotForex Deposit Bonus (30%, 100% & Cashback)

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HotForex, regulated by CySEC, is offering three wonderful promotions namely ‘the 30% Rescue Program,’ ‘the 100% Credit Bonus Program’ and ‘the 100% SuperCharged Credit Bonus/Rebate Program’ to all its clients upon account registration. These programs are perfectly tailored for you, so choose the one that suits your trading needs!
HotForex deposit bonus
Here’s the lowdown on how to receive and use these programs:

30% Rescue Program:

As the name suggests, ‘30% Rescue Program’ helps to prevent the trading accounts from drawdowns. When you open a trading account with the company and apply for ‘the 30% Rescue Program’ you’ll receive 30% bonus for each deposit made over $50, which can be claimed up to $7000 (or its equivalent). The bonus amount is for trading purposes only and can’t be withdrawn. Every withdrawal made, while under this promotion, is subject to 30% removal of the bonus amount proportionately.

100% Credit Bonus Program:

The eligible clients who open a trading account, join ‘the 100% Credit Bonus Program’ and make new deposits no less than $100 will receive 100% credit bonus, which can be claimed up to $30000 (or its equivalent). Additionally, in case of several accounts, the amount goes as high as $150000. After meeting the required volume, you’ll have three months to notify the company via sending an email to otherwise the bonus will not be released and therefore annulled completely. The withdrawable bonus amount is calculated according to “Bonus Amount ÷ 2 = Standard lots.” For example, if you receive $120 bonus, then you need to trade 60 Standard lots (12 0 ÷ 2 = 60) to be able to withdraw. Please note that only trades with a three pip difference between the open and close prices will be taken into account. Internal transfers are considered as withdrawals and treated accordingly.

100% SuperCharged Credit Bonus/Rebate:

You need to open a trading account with HotForex Company and apply for ‘the100% SuperCharged Credit Bonus/Rebate,’ and fund your account with at least $250 to receive up to 100% bonus, which can be claimed up to $50000 or its equivalent. The bonus volume requirement is not bound by time, so take as much time as you need. The bonus amount can’t be withdrawn; however, you can withdraw your profits and acquired rebates at any time. The clients have the opportunity to earn as much as $8000 (or its equivalent) rebates which are based on volumes traded on Forex and Gold (only closed trades apply). The rebate value is calculated based on the USD pip value of the corresponding Forex product meaning 0.2 lots per completed lot traded on Forex. Furthermore, for Forex pairs, its 0.2 per standard lot traded Round Turn. The rebate on Gold is $2 per qualifying Round Turn lot. The rebates can’t be used to claim other promotional programs.

Certain conditions:

This program is offered once per client. (30%)

There are no restrictions to use the Program as Stop Loss or Margin. (30%)

The size of tradable leverage in rescue program is 1:500. (30%)

Reaching Stop out limit entitles you to receive an extra 30% bonus, up to $3000, on your next deposits. (30%)


The Micro, Premium, Islamic and FIX accounts are acceptable for ‘the 100% Credit Bonus Program.’ (100%)

Every lot traded on Indices, US Shares, Gold and Oil Transactions equals to 0.1; and every lot traded on UK shares equals to 1/1000 lot. (100%)

Withdrawals from the account will be subject to 100% bonus removal according to the amount. (100%)

If the account is depleted of the cash equity (zero or less), the bonus will be canceled. (100%)


The Promotion is offered once per client. (100% Credit/Rebate)

The bonus amount only applies to FIX, Premium, and Islamic accounts. (100% Credit/Rebate)

The bonus can be utilized to enlarge the leverage amount; however, it is not to be lost. (100% Credit/Rebate)

The depletion of the account equity will result in cancellation of the bonus. (100% Credit/Rebate)

Any withdrawal (profit, rebate, or otherwise) is subject to a 1:1 reduction of the bonus. (100% Credit/Rebate)

Open positions for less than a minute, less than two minutes, and more than two minutes are subject to no rebate, 50% rebate, and full Rebate respectively. (100% Credit/Rebate)