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JustMarkets Double Benefit Forex bonus

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IFSC Regulated Forex Broker, JustMarkets is offering a real hot 100% Deposit Bonus in classic or NDD trading accounts. Deposit at least 100 USD and receive 100 USD bonus straight. Moreover, profits can be withdrawn at any time; the bonus will not be removed when you make a withdrawal of profits!

You will receive 100% Bonus for every deposit that you make, and the total bonus you can receive is up to 20,000 USD!

JustMarkets bonus also supports the margin and can be used for maintaining open positions. This is the type of Deposit bonuses that are desired by many Forex traders.
JustMarkets double depositt bonus
Maximum trading bonus on one trading account is 10,000 USD and on all trading accounts 20,000 USD. Not only you can trade with the bonus, but you can also withdraw it once you have traded a necessary amount of lots, which is calculated based on following formula:

Bonus amount \ 3 = number of lots (For NDD accounts)
Bonus amount \ 4 = number of lots (For Classic accounts)

JustMarkets Hot Forex bonus is flexible as well; you are free to choose the amount of Bonus you’d like to receive.

How to get the JustMarkets Hot 100% Bonus:

Register your personal account at JustMarkets Broker, make a deposit of at least $100 in Classic or NDD account and apply for the 100% bonus.

Certain conditions

Minimum deposit to apply for the bonus is 100$.
You have 3 months in order to complete the necessary number of lots to withdraw the bonus amount.
Orders closed with less than 3 pips are not considered in lot calculation.