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XM Loyalty Cashback Program

Bonus Rating:
Are you interested to make some extra money while trading in the Forex market? Then you should consider XM Loyalty program - Trade currencies and earn points for each trade that you make and you’ll be able to turn your earned points to credit bonus to your account current balance. You guessed just right, it has the principal of popular Forex Cashback bonus.

XM Royalty program is unique, it comes with 4 status, each status is based on the number of days that you trade with XM broker:

EXECUTIVE - 10 XM points per lot (Welcome status) - Everyone starts with this status

GOLD - 13 XM points per lot (after 30 days)

DIAMOND - 16 XM points per lot (After 60 days)

ELITE - 20 XM points per lot (after 100 days)
XM loyalty bonus
The formulas for converting your earned XM points are as follow:

XMP convert to Bonus    >     Bonus = XMP / 3

How to get it:

Nothing particular to do, you can automatically get applied into this program right after you start trading in your live account.

Certain conditions

If you will have a certain period of inactivity, in other words making no trades, your status will get back to Executive level - 10 points per lot. 30 days of inactivity for Gold, 60 days for Diamonds and 100 days for Elite are taken into consideration.

Trading bonus are not eligible for clients registered under Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd.